Feature:The machine provides time and labor efficiency as well as increases level of quality.It helps in sammying every part of hide from neck to tail in desired war prior the shaving process and in taking out chromium water out of the skin at the desired level.The movement of the hide is achieved through the PVC conveyor belt which has been adjusted to the desired speed level.The hide moves from the bottom of 2 expander collectors at first and sammying is achieved by the help of the felt conveyor belts that are already adjusted to an appropriate level of pressure.This shaving process is achieved in a comfortable and easy way.

Tech Specs

1-Conveyor Belt

2-Rubber Cyclinder

3-Front Cylinder

4-Rear Cyclinder

5-Pressing Cylinder Of Top Felt Belt

6-Top Felt Belt

7-Bottom Felt Belt Cyclinder

8-Bottom Felt Belt

9-Hydrolic Piston

Working Width 1600 mm Hydraulic Pump Motor 0,37 kw
Felt Belt Motion Motor  3,5 kw Total Installed Power 10,11 kw
Conveyor Belt motion Motor 1,84 kw Net Weight 4000 kg
Cyclinder Motor(2,2kwx2) 4,4 kw Dimensions(LxwxH) 2700x2370x1900


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