Our machine expressly born for the application of films on leather or on other base materials ( imitation leather, textiles and synthetics ). The machine is equipped with fully digital controls (PLC) that allow adjustment of all the work parameters by touch screen. Allows Adjustment of Mechanics, Hydraulic and Heating, as highly sensitive (depending on the materials that are to be transferred). It is possible to monitor Usage of Films on the machine as PLC digital screen.

Tech Specs

Working Width 1800 mm Maximum Temperature 180 C0
Upper Roller Speed 1,8-10 m/min Total Installed Power 12,12 kw
Lower Roller Speed 1,8-10 m/min Working Pressure 0-52kg / cm2
Air Pressure 7 Bar Net Weight 3250 kg
Heat Power

( 9x 2 kv )

Dimensions (B x E x Y) 2985 x 2700 x 2380 mm
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